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Welcome to Vicious Pink Tattoo and thanks for visiting our page!


Al and I set up a FULLY LICENSED STUDIO that opened in June of 2012 at 9A Willow Street, Oswestry (just above BETFRED) that adheres to all the industry health & safety guidelines. Whilst we started out just offering tattoos we now offer laser tattoo removal/reduction.

Since opening we have had 3 talented apprentices, Sammie, Emma & Hayley, pass through our studio, all going through the apprentice process and becoming super successful artists and heading off to the next stages of their careers. A legacy which we are quite proud of here at Vicious Pink.


Our 4th and lastest apprentice, Gary Cutter joined us in late 2019, with a degree in Graphic Design and with experience with his previous career in web design. He had just started tattooing on skin before the first lockdown and since returning full time he has come on leaps and bounds producing some very nice solid tattoos. He has progressed to Junior Artist and he continues to build on his skills.


Lockdown also delayed the addition of a new artist. But as of September 2020 we were joined by Sam Evans who has 10 years experience in tattooing at Stained Class in Shrewsbury. He has settled in really well and is producing some cracking tattoos.

April 2021 saw us welcome into the Vicious Pink family a new apprentice, Karen-Ann Roberts. A talented young artists who have shown an aptitude for tattoo designs and we look forward to seeing her development and progression.


This continues to be an exciting venture and I hope you will visit us next time you want one of our above services.


You can click on the Facebook logo below to see my Vicious Pink Tattoo Studio page and see the latest happenings!

Please take your time to look at the site, make comments and/or get in touch. It would be great to hear your feedback! ;0)

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