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Emma Jane Beech

Emma 124956450_3812197602171976_32842182

Emma joined us in September 2016 after providing a very impressive portfolio.

She is passionate about art and studied as GCSE level before graduating from Aberystwyth University in Fine Art.


Emma has been honing her tattoo skills since joining us and has progressed quickly in developing her core style of blackwork. She had progressed to a fully fledged artist in an amazingly short time and continues to leap forward with her accomplishments.

Her work is now award winning and she has recently become a part of the Whitfields Tattoo Co sponsored artist team. Amazing .... we're so proud!

Check out her social media links below for her latest works. And check out her Etsy shop for prints and special gifts by clicking the button below.

  • Emma's Facebook
  • Emma's Instagram
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